Enhanced Cleaning Procedures (Covid-19)

Woodcroft is a small Guesthouse renting out 3 double rooms so there is never more than 6 guests in the property at one time. Staff consists of myself, my husband who has his own job managing Glenlyon Estate but does helps with dinners in the evening, my cleaner Izabella works 3 hours on a Friday morning while guests are normally eating their breakfast, and my gardener Alex works 2 hours every Thursday afternoon. Oh, and wee Hamish my Jackshund is confined to his own quarters and my ladies (7 Black Rock hens) have their own house and wee bit to run about in. Hamish and the hens are not required to wear masks, but do get to roam the garden at separate times, but only when guests leave the property.  My parents come down most Mondays and make the garden beautiful.


So as you can read, people are few but the below cleaning and safety precautions are in place as guests, staff, and my family's health, well being and comfort are paramount and at the forefront of everything I do.


I therefore ask that guests read and adhere to these safety precautions and feel safe knowing they are in place.  If guests have any concerns or questions please get in touch.

Guests and staff will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entering and leaving the property, and when entering the guest lounge and dining room.  Complementary hand sanitiser is in each bedroom.

When other guests are in the property guests must wear masks when moving about the property.  Once seated in the guest lounge or restaurant masks can be taken off. Staff will wear masks at all time, cleaning rooms and preparing and serving food.

Touch points will be disinfected regularly, such as door handles, banisters, coffee tables.  

Guests should wash their hands as soon as they enter their rooms.  Staff will wash their hands regularly, before and after food prep, serving food and drinks, and after any interaction with customers.

Turn down and room refresh services will be reduced. Guests will be asked to leave their rooms tidy and make their own bed, and to hang up towels and reuse. Towels will be replaced if required.  Any used cups and glasses will be replaced. Drinks and treats will be topped up daily. Floors will be hoovered and mopped and toilets, sinks, and showers will be cleaned daily. 

The full continental buffet will be offered but not displayed for self service. Guests can choose from the Continental menu and the cooked menu and will be served individually, as will coffee and juices, and all condiments. After each sitting, salt and pepper pots will be sanitised, tables and chairs will be wiped down and sanitised, and tablecloths and napkins replaced.

All soft items to be washed will be bagged up in the room and taken away. Pillow and mattress protectors will be washed after each reservation. All bed and bathroom linen, robes, table linens will go through a bleach, fabric 

and softener wash.  All bed and table linens and are air dried for 24 hours, and towels and robes are part tumble tried then air dried for 24 hours.