Free from and

 plant based!

Free from and plant based food is plentiful at Woodcroft House. Come and enjoy a varied and exciting menu that will tickle and tingle all of your tastebuds.


Please give a couple of days notice and let us know if you have any dietary or allergy requirements. A great effort will be made to tweak recipes to suite these.

Free From and Plant Based Menu



Pan seared aubergine £8

served with a sun blushed tomato and mixed leave salad drizzled with a balsamic glaze 

(V, Vn, G)

Roast and Charred Squash £12

Generous slice of sweet squash roasted and charred, tamarind and jerusalem artichoke purèe, wilted pac choi,

salsa verde and toasted seeds and nuts 

(V, Vg, G)


Celeriac and roasted garlic velouté £7

served with a toasted bun or gluten free bun

(V, Vg, G)

Scorched Goats Cheese £8

served on a toasted brioche or gluten free toast, caramelised onion jam, fig and mixed leaves with a dijon dressing (V)

(Vg, G)
Caprese salad £8

sliced tomato and/or vegan mozzarella, fresh basil and drizzled with extra virgin basil infused olive oil and scented balsamic vinegar

(V, Vg, G)

Beetroot and Feta salad £8

roasted baby beetroots drizzled with basil infused olive oil, sweet balsamic glaze, rocket leaves from the garden when in season,

topped with crumbled feta cheese or vegan feta cheese and toasted pine nuts

Tomato and chilli soup £7

served with a crusty bread roll

(V, Vg, G)

Bruschetta £8

Thick sliced gluten free sourdough toasted and topped with well seasoned tomatoes, vegan mozzarella slices, and fresh basil leaves drizzled with basil infused extra virgin olive oil and garlic balsamic vinegar 

(V, Vn, G)

Petit pois pea velouté £7

served with a crusty bread roll

(V, Vn, G)



Vegan steak and healthy wedges £22-27

Seitan Steak (£27) or Portobello Mushroom (£22) steaks pan fried, served with oven baked potato wedges or roasted garlic mash,

green beans, vine tomatoes and a choice of onion or mushroom gravy

(V, Vn, G)


Stuffed baked aubergine £23

Aubergine halves filled with aubergine meat, basil, cherry tomatoes, pitted green olives, vegan feta cheese and baked in the oven. 

Served with oven baked potato wedges or couscous

(V, Vn, G)

Gluten free spaghetti £22

Served with an arrabiata sauce spiced with chilli and topped with roasted cauliflower

(V, Vn, G)

Spicy Thai rice noodle salad £22

Ribbons of carrots, cucumber cored and sliced, spring onions, lots of shredded mint leaves, mixed lettuce leaves

coated in a spicy Thai dressing made from lime juice, rice wine vinegar, sesame seed oil, palm sugar, diced chilli,

topped with toasted raw nuts and dry crispy onion flakes,

Add prawns £6

(V, Vn, G)

Vegetarian lasagne and salad £23

  Pasta sheets layered with a 'free from' béchamel sauce and rich and herby tomato sauce made from finely diced carrot,

onion and courgette, garlic, mixed herbs, and topped with grated vegan mozzarella. 

(V, Vg)


Pasta free lasagne and salad £24

Sheets of finely sliced butternut squash layered with a rich spinach, ricotta cheese, garlic, and toasted pine nut sauce. 

The top layer is finished with an arrabiata sauce and grated mozzarella

(V, G)


Middle Eastern vegetable tagine £25

Butternut squash, chick peas, green beans, red onion, peppers and garlic, cooked in an aromatic tomato sauce

served with couscous dressed with feta cheese or free from feta, loads of chopped fresh coriander and toasted cashew nuts

(V, Vn, G)




Lemon posset £7

served with a fruit garnish and free from shortbread

(V, Vg, G)

Pear and almond slice £9

served with free from vanilla ice cream and/or free from cream

(V, Vg, G)

Chocolate and almond torte £9

served warm with free from vanilla ice cream and/or free from cream

(V, Vg, G)

Traditional Scottish Cranachan £

toasted oats soaked in whisky and honey, raspberries soaked in whisky, 

mixed together with whisky and honey infused whipped vegan cream, served with free from shortbread biscuits

(V, Vg, G)

Pear and raspberry crumble

served with free from vanilla ice cream and/or free from cream

(V, Vg, G)

Green & Black's chocolate cheesecake

served with free from ice-cream and/or cream

(V, Vg, G)

Cheese board

Selection of cheese or free from cheese, Orkney oat cakes, fruit slices

served with Mum’s homemade chilli jam

(V, Vg, G)




Note: Where possible dishes will be modified to suit vegan and gluten free diets.  Please make us aware of any alternative ingredients that we may not be aware of.  All efforts will be made to tweak recipes! 

Please give us a few days notice if you would like to dine with us.