Deliciously Yucky Avocado Breakfast

This is my first blog.

I’ve been getting great feedback about my breakfast and dinners, particularly from vegetarian, vegan free and gluten customers. I think I can do better, so i'm expanding my menu to offer more choices to my ‘v’ guests.

So, I’ve decided to do a blog about the vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes that I’m going to trial and then put on Woodcroft’s menu. My first stab at a veggie breakfast has gone down very well but as you can see, it’s nothing new and I’d like to try and do something that doesn’t include avocado.

Am I aloud to say I hate avocado? I do, yuck, but I know loads of people love it so I’m happy to include it on the menu.

This is my toasted sour dough bread, smashed avocado with roasted sweet peppers, poached egg from Woodcroft’s hens and sprinkled with Egyptian Dukkah. Apparently it’s delicious.

Right, I better get going with my next recipe…Green Eggs! Stay tuned… J

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