First Dinner @ Woodcroft

Dinners at Woodcroft have come a long way since this ready meal...haha!

I bought Woodcroft on 22nd April 2017 and spent a year renovating it from top to toe. I'll do a blog on that to show you the journey. For now I wanted to let any readers know where my food inspiration comes from as many guests have asked.

My Mum, Sandra, is a great cook and as far as I can remember she has always done home cooking. Fast food for us as a family of four was a chicken kieve, an oven baked potato and tinned sweetcorn, the tin with the Green Giant on it. That was a bit of advertising that was, as I still remember the advert sing along. We used to eat this in the living room, a Friday treat not to be at the table with elbows off, watching Catch Phrase on the 4 channel TV. I thought it was such naughty food as I didn't really know what junk food was and for that I am grateful to my Mum. Mum always cooked from scratch, I'm not sure if my Granny was a good cook, certainly a good baker, but I think my Mum just picked it up. She would always get good produce from the butcher, fish monger, green grocers. My brother also had a lot of reactions to lots of E numbers that were in ready meals, tins and packets of food back then so I suppose this is where it may have started from, Mum doing everything from scratch. It's not a problem now-a-days as everyone is so health conscious and demand that producers and supermarkets state clearly what is in food.

I must have done bits and bobs of cooking at School in the Home Economics class but I can't really remember. I do remember being obsessed with Delia at Christmas, that is when the start of Christmas was, when Delia Smith was on the telly making her chocolate yule log, not that I liked yule log! It just felt all festive and I think that's where it all started. I would watch more cooking programmes.